Knowing your Gummies

Knowing your Gummies


Gummies are far and away the highest selling edible available in today’s cannabis market. In fact, recent data indicates that sales of gummies were over $600 million for the first nine months of 2021 compared to chocolates at $100 million.
(Nichols, Jan 2022)

When you mention the words edible and cannabis to anyone, it’s likely the first thing that comes to mind is a gummy.
How well do we really know our gummies?

Let’s take a step back and look at the product on its own without the added benefits of cannabinoids.
We all know gummies to have that consistency that lends itself well to its respective nomenclature.
That texture we’re all familiar with comes from one of two sources, gelatin or pectin.

Gelatin, which provides Jell-O the consistency we’re all familiar with, is derived from collagen, an animal by-product found in many foods (Groves, 2019).

Pectin, on the other hand, is made from plant material, in fact it comes from the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, usually citrus (Nichols, 2022)

While they’re both binding agents, they have slightly differing textures. Gelatin based gummies have that consistent jelly-like feeling as you bite through one. Pectin based gummies have a tougher exterior that almost snaps as you bite into it and can be a tad chewier. Besides that, pectin gummies tend to do better in warmer temperatures so be sure not to leave the gelatin gummies near any sunlight in your car or you will have a mess to deal with later.

While the market is still maturing, it’s exciting that we’re starting to see shades of new offerings, including Vegan options. Our purveyors take pride answering your questions about ingredients found in all our products.

Next time you’re considering a gummy, ask yourself, do I know my gummy? If you don’t know the answer, ask our purveyors.

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