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Tune in for all things cannabis as we discuss a variety of topics from cultivation, curation, and the effects different methods of consuming cannabis bring.

Mother’s Day

Join Discern’d Cannabis Purveyors’ General Manager & HR Director Erin Luna and Brand Ambassador Lauren Villatoro as they discuss their favorite products and how that inspired them to craft special

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Green Meadows

Join Allan and David as they visit Green Meadows dispensary located in Southbridge Massachusetts. Founded by descendants of General George S. Patton, Green Meadows carries deep traditions of organic farming,

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Howl’s Tinctures

Today we celebrate Howl’s Tinctures 10 year anniversary with founder and CEO Peter Glantz! Join Allan, Erin and Brianna as they dive into the story of how Howl’s came to

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Tower Three

Join the DCP team as they travel to Taunton, MA to meet with Michael Kinahan & Isaias Correa from Tower Three LLC. In this episode we tour their cultivation facility

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Gibby’s Garden

Join Allan, Erin, Brianna and David tonight while they visit Gibby’s Garden located in Uxbridge! Gibby’s Garden is woman owned, family operated and a large advocate in the cannabis community.

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Interview with Treeworks

Tonight, join Allan, Erin, and Brianna as they are accompanied by Treeworks founders McKae Freeland and Milo Childs Campolo as well as their account manager, Dan McCormack! On tonight’s episode

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