Drink your Cannabis

Drink your Cannabis

Cannabis beverages are here! That’s right, cannabis is no longer limited to those who like to smoke it or eat solid edibles, such as the gummies most are familiar with. Cannabis beverages offer a new way to enjoy cannabis in a convenient form-factor we’re all familiar with, a can or bottle.

Cannabis and water do not mix

Cannabinoids are an oily substance that simply don’t mix with water. Companies have overcome this with a process most of us are familiar with, emulsification. To simplify, emulsification is what happens when you shake an Italian dressing bottle. You’re trying to mix in one large oil pool, which is likely floating on top, into smaller oil droplets that will disperse out with each serving.

Nano emulsification is a similar more complicated process but on a much smaller scale. By creating smaller droplets of cannabinoids, the human body is able to absorb them where they normally aren’t able to, such as the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

No waiting around

One benefit of a nano emulsified beverage is a faster onset of the effects. Instead of waiting around for 45 minutes like a traditional edible, these beverages take effect in as little as 5 minutes from the time you start enjoying them. As a result of the faster onset, the effects wear off faster than a traditional edible allowing you to control the effects as you can always slow down your consumption or enjoy another.

What kind of beverages are available?

Every day there’s new products entering the market and Discern’d is committed to sourcing the highest quality goods the market has to offer. Recently at Discern’d we had the pleasure of meeting with Adam Terry of Cantrip. Cantrip offers a line of seltzers that are low-calorie, fruit-forward with an herbal twist utilizing their own nano emulsification technology. They include terpenes in their offerings, have a touch of sugar, and include CBD. If seltzers aren’t your thing, other companies have started offering other beverages such as iced teas, root beer and even energy drinks. As the market emerges you can expect to see new variations of some of your favorite drinks infused with cannabis.


When considering any cannabis-infused product, understanding dosing can help ensure a positive experience. Most of us are familiar with the term “low and slow” and in this instance it’s quite appropriate. The effect with beverages is felt much faster however each can or bottle, typically containing 12 ounces, is limited to a max of 5 milligrams (5mg) of THC. This means the average adult should enjoy one can/bottle in a session and should feel some effects by the time they finish the beverage. Always refer to the instructions on the product but generally, once the first serving is complete, you should wait 5-15 minutes to determine if you have achieved the desired effect before continuing.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cantrip Seltzers listed here, check out our podcast featuring Adam Terry, CEO and Dylan Lowery COO of Cantrip!


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