Green Flower Institute

Green Flower Institute

At Discern’d Cannabis Purveyors, sharing expert knowledge with our customers is paramount.

In fact, a competitive differentiator for us is the stress we place on education as the means by which consumers
can develop an appreciation for the innate nuances, subtleties and characteristics of cannabis—and thereby
maximize its benefits and safe, responsible usage.

It’s not surprising, then, that Discern’d has a company-wide mandate requiring all team members to hold a
Dispensary Associate Certificate—part of a professional credential program administered by GF Institute through
Green Flower, Inc.

A membership program developed by leaders in the cannabis industry, GF Institute is designed to promote the
highest standards of professionalism, credibility and equity for dispensaries and related facilities nationwide.
Green Flower is the industry standard for cannabis education, training and certification, working with industry
leaders since 2014 to create best-in-class training programs for individuals and businesses.

The Dispensary Associate Certificate is awarded as the culmination of a comprehensive 26-module program that
serves as a turnkey solution for helping entry-level cannabis professionals acclimate to their new dispensary and
retail careers. In addition to automatically becoming members of GF Institute, all graduates receive a digital badge
that allows them to post their newly achieved credentials online—as well as manage, share and verify their
competencies digitally—as a testament to their quality commitment within the cannabis industry.

Discern’d is proud to be a founding member of the GF Institute, as well as an investor in the GFI curriculum.


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