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Cloud Cover Cannabis Cherry Fast Acting Gummies 100mg|20pc

These little space nuggets will have you experiencing a mind-altering trip to another dimension without the worry of orbiting the sun. Strap in for a cosmic ride through the cosmos, leaving behind the mundane as you float among the stars and explore uncharted realms of bliss.

With Galactic gummies, each bite launches you into a celestial adventure. Traverse nebulae, dance among constellations, and leave behind earthly concerns. These little wonders unlock your inner stargazer, propelling you into a universe where worries dissolve like distant asteroids.

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Nimbus 3 Pack of Did-I-Do-That? Pre-Rolls

Purple Urkle X Chem 91 “Did I Do That?,” a remarkable hybrid strain born from the fusion of Purple Urkle and Chem91. With Purple Urkle’s captivating grape-like flavor and relaxing effects combined with Chem91’s potent THC content, this strain offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Prepare to indulge in a “Did I Do That?” moment, where the delightful flavors and effects might leave you saying, “Did I do that?” like Urkel himself!

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Verano Strawberry Cough Smalls

There’s no mistaking the scent of Strawberry Cough—sweet, sweet strawberry with an earthy finish. This true sativa is a stimulating cross of Haze and Strawberry Fields. While many choose Strawberry Cough for its flavor, they come back for its effects: an uplifting euphoria that gently fades feelings of stress and depression.

Lineage: Haze x Strawberry Fields

Type: Sativa

Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Anxiety Relief

Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Earthy

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Nimbus Boston Stranglah Live Dabs

Lineage: Cookies x Chem 4 Hybrid Massachusetts bred by a close friend of our head grower. Boston Stranglah is a cross between the forum cut of Cookies X Chem 4. This strain promotes a very euphoric, uplifting, relaxed state that comes and goes with ease; making it a work well as both a daytime, or evening smoke. The flavor from this strain contains notes of cinnamon and mint, which likely come from its unique terpene profile.

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Clebby’s Confetti Cake Mix

Celebrate–It’s someone’s birthday today! Take a trip to the sweet side with our exceptionally decadent, velvety vanilla cake that offers a mouth-watering, delightfully rich taste experience. Dress it up with layers of frosting, sprinkles or special decorations to ensure happiness in every slice! Perfect for adult birthday parties…or makes a memorably delicious birthday gift.

Like our brownies and other cakes, YOU decide your desired potency to ensure a customized snacking experience.

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Clebby’s Triple Chocolate Brownies Mix

Let Clebby’s Brownies fulfill all of your ooey gooey brownie fantasies! Just mix, bake and enjoy our rich, fudgy, satisfying brownies for a delicious experience. Customers tell us that our brownies are the perfect combination–a customizable, easy-to-prepare treat that’s also scrumptious and fun!

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Nimbus 3 Pack of White Chocolate Chip Pre-rolls

White Chocolate Chip Strain, a rare Hybrid strain, was meticulously bred by crossing Gelato 45 strain with Jet Fuel Gelato strain, resulting in a truly exceptional cannabis variety. With Gelato genetics present on both sides, Fire AF inherits enhanced potency and strength from its renowned predecessors.

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Nimbus Gastropop

Breeder: Compound Genetics


Introducing “Gastro Pop” by Nimbus Cannabis Co., a cutting-edge weed strain designed to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience. This strain results from expert craftsmanship from Compound Genetics, combining the genetics of Apples and Bananas and Grape Gas to create a truly remarkable cannabis variant.

Gastro Pop exhibits a distinctive appearance with its purple hues, and its aroma is a delightful fusion of spicey, sugary, and grape, making it a sensory delight for cannabis enthusiasts. The effects of this strain are characterized by a perfect balance of relaxing indica hybrid elements, making it an ideal choice for unwinding and stimulating the appetite.

As you delve into the world of Gastro Pop, you’ll discover an elite and dramatic cannabis experience that sets it apart. Nimbus Cannabis Co. brings innovation to the forefront with this strain, offering a blend of quality genetics and contemporary cultivation and curing techniques. Embrace the experience and elevate your senses with Gastro Pop.

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Nimbus 3 Pack of Lime-O-Rilla 2:1 Pre-rolls

Lineage: GG4 X Lime One backcross Lime O’Rilla is a potent CBD hybrid that promotes light feelings of relaxation, comfort, and euphoria. This strain started from the idea of creating a multi-layered flavor and effect profile, and led to back crossing the ‘GG4’ strain with the l ‘Lime One’ strain. The flavor profile starts with the recognizable taste of GG4 upon the inhale, and gives hints of citrus from the Lime One when exhaled. This flavor layering leaves the experienced smoker with a memory of something recognizable, while giving them a hint of something new and worth trying.

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Nimbus 3 Pack of Oishi Pre-rolls

Oishi means delicious in Japanese. And that’s the only thing zinging through your taste buds with this delectable hybrid! This strain is a Moonbow (Zkittlez X Do-Si-Dos) backcross, compressing the Moonbow lineage into a beautiful mix of candy gas components. This one will surely please all your senses and leave you in a delicious haze.

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Nimbus 3 Pack of Blu Piff Pre-rolls

Blu Piff is a true sativa that is reminiscent of strains from the “glory days” of legacy cannabis. An original cut of NYC Piff crossed with the classic Blue Dream to promote a balanced, cerebral, and energetic high. The aroma that comes with this strain is complex, but in short, Blu Piff has top notes of frankincense and pepper, with undertones of blueberry. This strain is great for a daytime bake, and is equipped to satisfy any lover of true sativa strains.

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