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wulf Wulf Razr Nectar Collector & Hot Knife

The Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector Vaporizer and Hot Knife is a device that functions both as a wax vaporizer (nectar collector) and an accessory (wax cutter). That said, the Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector Vaporizer and Hot Knife makes for a great tool for anyone into consuming wax and other forms of concentrates.

If you need more convincing, here are a few more reasons why you should get a Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector Vaporizer and Hot Knife today!

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Yocan Yocan Evolve Plus (ASSORTED COLORS)

The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer has been famous for its simple and minimalist design with fast and quick results as well as its easy and straightforward operation. Even a beginner or a novice can pick up an Evolve Plus and vape like a pro. That’s why it’s one of the most sought-after dab pen vaporizers on the market today. Both newcomers and experienced users find the convenience factor found in the Evolve Plus Vaporizer an irresistible allure. It eliminates the complication that one would have to go through should they want to experience professional-quality vapors. The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer set you up for the same experience without the hassle of too much preparation. If you’re the kind of person who wants to spend more time vaping and less time preparing, then this dab pen is the perfect vape for you.

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Hashstash Hashstash Storage Box

Room to Breathe & Ready to Adventure
The moment you open your HashStash, you’ll feel at home. It’s the perfect balance between a spacious laboratory and on-the-go portability. Designed for convenience, you’ll have everything you need in one place.

Top Tier Tools for Master Craftsmanship
Don’t stress! We hooked you up with some high-quality accessories to use right out of the box. A rolling tray. 3 gorgeous bamboo-finished glass jars. A storage tube. Even a cleaning brush!

The Best Things Are Kept Secret
If being discreet is important to you, you’re in luck. Our simple, sleek bamboo design and our built-in combo lock to keep your things secure will scream “privacy” (pun fully intended).

The Ultimate Social Stash Box
Gift this all-inclusive box set to a friend or bust it out at a fun get-together. Whatever you choose, HashStash will be eye-catching to even the coolest person in the room. There’s even a phone stand!

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Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus (COLORS VARY)

Lookah’s Seahorse Pro Plus nectar collector takes the evolution of the popular Seahorse dab pen to the next level. The aesthetics and design are in keeping with the Seahorse Pro. The distinctive glass mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning. The standard coil cap now has a magnetic connection, so it’s more convenient and won’t work loose or fall off. We believe this is the best portable dab device on the market.

The Seahorse Pro Plus vape pen comes with a new type of tip: an improved, more durable porous quartz tip. This features a clear glass surround to see the vapor from when it vaporizes from wax on the tip right the way through the mouthpiece.

The battery is 650mAh which should see you through 10 to 15 dabs (depending on the mode and temperature settings) from each full charge. When it comes to charging, the Seahorse Pro Plus has a type C USB port, so there is no faffing with getting the cable the right way around.

The Pro Plus nectar collector is compatible with all the 510-thread Lookah Seahorse tips. You can check out the quartz tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅰ), the ceramic tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅱ), the ceramic tube tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅲ Ceramic Tube 510 Thread Coil), and the quartz transparent tube tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil V) on the dab pen and wax pen subcategory page of our website.

How to use the Seahorse Pro Plus electric nectar collector

The Seahorse Pro Plus features a manual mode and a session mode dabbing experience.

Turn on the Pro Plus dab pen by pressing the power button 5 times quickly.
Press the power button twice quickly to switch between the three voltage settings.
Each voltage setting is indicated by a different color light around the power button.
Mode 1: 3.2V (Blue)
Mode 2: 3.6V (Purple)
Mode 3: 4.1V (White)

Once the desired temperature is selected, you can press and hold the power button to heat the tip. After a few seconds, start dabbing in manual mode.

The session mode is activated by pressing the power button three (3) times quickly. The vaporizer pen enters a 15-second pre-heat indicated by a flashing light. After it will hold the set temperature for 30 seconds, enough time for an intense dab session.

You can use the seahorse pro plus dab pen with a water pipe by connecting one end of the green hose and adapter (included) to the end of the mouthpiece and the other to the downstem of a water pipe.

Two accessories packs for the Seahorse Pro Plus (sold separately) will be available. A stand for the device and also a water bubbler accessory pack that replaces the glass mouthpiece and offers cooler water-filtered dabs.

Kit comes with

1 Seahorse Pro Plus
1 Magnetic Tip/Coil Cover
1 Connection Hose
1 14/18mm Adapter
1 User Manual
1 Cleaning Brush
1 USB Type-C Cable
1 Type 5 Seahorse Coil

1) Battery: 650mAh
2) Fast heating up & new coil Compatability
3) Easy to Clean
4) Portable and durable
5) Easy connect type C USB port
6) Compatible with many 510 oil cartridges

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Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal

#1 best selling journal for creative thinking

Conceived to be used while you are high – however you get there. This guided journal is filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises that will provide hours of fun, increase your creativity, and build more productive habits.

Creative thinking is a competitive edge that separates the good from the great in all aspects of life. This journal will help you find that edge by changing the way you think about thinking.

You don’t have to be high on cannabis to use this journal. It’s all about getting into your flow state. You can also try meditation, exercise, music, nature, math, poetry, love, religion, sleep, play, yoga, mysticism, aromatherapy, baths, dancing, magnets, and space travel.

A portion of proceeds to Artist Endowments: Cover By Washington DC Street Artist and Painter Clarence James

Journal Specifications
50 Creative Exercises and Thought Experiments
Removable Belly Band “Please Use While You Are High”
Durable Hardcover
8.5 x 6 inches
120 sheets = 240 pages
80GSM, cream paper
Bookmark, Elastic Band

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RAW Raw Rolled Tips

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are one of our US patented inventions and we are extremely proud of them! We made these based on a request from a friend so that they could roll up quicker and for patients who had difficulty in holding and rolling up an uncoiling tip. All RAW Pre-Rolled Tips were rolled by hand for the first few years until demand became ludicrous and a machine was finally engineered to pre-roll the tips for us!

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Pilgrim Soul That’s Not Funny! Game

“That’s Not Funny” is an uproarious, potentially offensive card game designed to maximize laughter with friends and test your ability to keep a straight face – Like Cards Against Humanity meets Charades.

The Concept: Get Your Friends to Laugh

That’s Not Funny is a party game that turns anyone’s limited charisma and peculiar sense of humor into hours of shared laughter.

Designed for players aged 17 and up, “That’s Not Funny” is perfect for game nights, parties, or whenever you need a hefty dose of laughter.

How to Play

Each turn, a player acts out a ridiculous role-play from a card in the deck and tries their best to make another player of their choosing crack up within 60 seconds. If the target laughs, the actor gets the point; if they don’t, the target gets it. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room is laughing their heads off.

150 Different Roles

There are 150 improv roles which include Cheerleader Virtuoso, Vagina Namer, Yo Mama Defender, Drag Queen Coach, Masochistic Dog, Porn Plumber, Road Rage Charader.

You are guaranteed to make you laugh with friends or a full refund.


150 Ridiculous Role Play Cards
Instructions w/ several alternate way to play
Spotify Playlist for Cards that feauture Songs
8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
1.2 Lbs
Packaging: In Cellophane Wrap

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Pilgrim Soul Tin case for pre-roll, vape – Large

Limited Edition Female Street Artist Collection
The tin pencil boxes by Pilgrim Soul are a stylish way to store anything (that fits, of course). This eclectic collection of four tin cases with child safety locks was designed by some of the world’s best female street artists.

Metal Rectangular Hinged Lid Storage boxes w Child Safety

STACKABLE. Made of sturdy tin metal. The lid design allows for the stacking of multiple cases for better space utilization. They also have rounded edges. They are reliable, reusable, easy to clean, and not easy to break or deform.

FUNCTIONAL. Perfect for storing crafting, office supplies, and small items. Featuring a child safety lock, simply press the two buttons down toward the case for the mechanism to lock as designed.

BRILLIANT DESIGN. Female Street Artist Collection.

KEEP DESK NEAT. Ideal for office for organizing items like pens, pencils, crayons, markers, whiteout, highlighter, staples, business card, checks, receipt, makeup, painting accessories, and more.

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